16 January 2008


Self-Portrait drawn in 07, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I've been without internet access since before X-mas! I think the problem is finally sorted. Here's a self-portrait - analog this time - pen, brush, speedball super-black and process white.


Isaac said...

Holy shit dude! Check out those eyes!

The intensity on this kinda reminds me of Jack Kamen. Really well done.

Alister Blake said...

Thanks, sir! You know I love Kamen, although I wasn't consciously thinking of him when I did this.

Susan Iverson said...

Just found your blog and I really enjoy it! You know, my dad, Beth's Grandpa, was so proud of your artwork and you probably didn't even know it. He talked about the picture you drew of Beth all the time. It was his favorite picture on the wall. He would have really loved your self portrait. You know, Kale is doing an art society club after school for his students in Alaska. Maybe you could communicate with him about your art. kaleiverson@hotmail.com or kaleiverson.blogspot.com.

I'll keep reading your blog. Aunt Susie