20 November 2007

Isaac Priestley partial inx

isaacpriestely_partial_inx, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I'm "inking" my Isaac sketch in Manga Studio. I just started using MS and it is an amazing program - the best digital brush & ink tools I've ever used, AND a quick easy rotate canvas tool. Are you paying attention Adobe? How hard can it be to build in a rotate canvas?


Jeff said...

Looks great so far. My one thought would be, why differentiate between the black of the hair and the black of the shirt? You've got a white outline now where they overlap, but do you think that is necessary?

Alister Blake said...

Yeah, you are totally right. I was actually thinking the exact same thing myself, and was planning on taking out that gray "holding line" in the final version. It was one of those situations where I fell in love with the contour line I had drawn for the hair and wanted to try to preserve it, but in the end it really doesn't work. Thanks for the input!