09 December 2007

Inks & Tones

pixie full inks and tones, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I finished the inks on this drawing and added some tones for the dress and hair.

02 December 2007

Close-up inks

pixie inx detail, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I'm really enjoying inking the hair in this pic.

01 December 2007

Inking in manga studio

pixie partial inx part2, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I've been practicing inking with a stylus in Manga Studio. Slowly getting the hang of it.

isaac priestley design

isaac priestley design, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

Messing around in Illustrator, trying to come up with a design for the Isaac Priestley image.

28 November 2007

Isaac Priestley

Isaac Priestley, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I finally finished the inks on my drawing of Isaac Priestley. Manga Studio is awesome to use, but I still have much to learn! I'm thinking of adding some "design-y" elements to this.

20 November 2007

Isaac Priestley partial inx

isaacpriestely_partial_inx, originally uploaded by AlisterBlake.

I'm "inking" my Isaac sketch in Manga Studio. I just started using MS and it is an amazing program - the best digital brush & ink tools I've ever used, AND a quick easy rotate canvas tool. Are you paying attention Adobe? How hard can it be to build in a rotate canvas?

18 November 2007

Sketch of Isaac Priestley

Quick sketch of the inimitable Isaac Priestley, stylish romancer & World Racketeer.

18 October 2007


The Small Press Expo was an amazing experience. I picked up so many great comics - to many to list here, but I think my favorite thing was this awesome drawing of Akira Kurosawa by Chris Schweizer - THANKS CHRIS.

It was really great to get to hang out with the whole ISR crew. Y'all are the best!

11 September 2007

PostScript - Baltimore Comicon

I was sternly chastised by Bethany for failing to make mention of the "supa-cool" button that J. Chris Campbell gave her at the Baltimore Comicon. So, Behold!!!!111!!!!1!!!!
I am also instructed to note that the heroine pictured thereon has both a cape AND a raygun. So there.

10 September 2007

Baltimore Comicon!

my balto-comicon loot!

Beth and I had a great time at the Baltimore Comicon this past weekend (Sept. 8&9)! It was a really casual, relaxed show - much less claustrophobic and stifling than NowYouCanCome, but still drawing some really great creators. I came away with a lighter wallet, exchanged for a bounty of comics goodness (as you can see in the pic above). My first stop on Saturday morning was the AdHouse Books booth, so as to be sure to score a ZOOBALL print (Paul Pope colored by Jose Villarrubia)(mine was 4/100!). I also picked up Zig Zag #1, THB: Comics from Mars, Pulpatoon pilgrimagE, and loads of excellent minicomics from Joey Weiser. Joey was super-nice to Beth and I, and did sketches in all the minis, as well as in my copy of his excellent new book The Ride Home. It was really fun to meet Joey and Chris Pitzer (who both frequent the ISR forum), and right across the aisle was the ever-exuberant J. Chris Campbell. I scored a load of JCC/Wide Awake Press books, including the awesome(ding!)© JCC FAT PACK of minicomics. His stuff is sooo fun! Right around the corner was the Top Shelf booth, and I was able to snag a copy of the only Matt Kindt book I didn't already have - Mephisto and the Empty Box. Matt is one of my all-time favorite comics creators, and it was a real thrill to be able to get a sketch and talk briefly about his future projects.

On Sunday, we attended the standing-room-only Spotlight on James Jean and Paul Pope panel. The discussion was moderated by Jose Villarrubia, and he did a great job of steering the discussion in interesting directions. PP was really inspiring, speaking about world-building, artistic direction, and his various influences. He did an A-V presentation that offered a look into his creative thought processes and the way in which he synthesizes myriad influences into his own idiosyncratic style. I left the con absolutely energized to make art!

A fun weekend, and what better way to end, than with a Joey Weiser sketch-parade . . .
©2007 Joey Weiser

23 August 2007

14 March 2007

Utopiates Sketch


A sketch of the fan-art I'm working on for Utopiates - one of my new favorite comics.

18 January 2007